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The 3-SOL-X system generates electrical energy, potable water, and green hydrogen. By employing clean technologies, it harnesses free sources of heat to operate the system, resulting in products that are pollution-free and cost-effective. Additionally, it promotes circular economy and self-sustainability.

3-SOL-X Technical description

SHR-Stirling (Smelters) technical information

3-SOL-X enables the recovery of industrial waste heat and transforms it into electrical energy. By harnessing the residual heat from copper foundries, our system can partially or completely meet the electrical demand of communities near the foundries. Utilizing clean technologies, it causes no harm to the environment and generates a minimal carbon footprint.

PHR-Stirling Technical description 

SHR-Stirling Technical description 

CES-Stirling (Solar) technical information

The versatility of the 3-SOL-X solution also allows for the use of solar energy as a heat source. By employing solar concentrators to gather sunlight, energy is produced even in environments with extremely dry and challenging weather conditions.

CES-Stirling Technical description 

3-SOL-X and PV comparative

Our 3-SOL-X system demonstrates superior performance compared to other renewable energy technologies. When compared to photovoltaic panels, 3-SOL-X offers higher efficiency, better economic indicators, a longer lifespan, and a smaller carbon footprint. These indicators position 3-SOL-X as a preferable alternative to its counterparts.

SHR and CES Stirling - PV comparative 

Application: Rapa Nui and Pacific Islands

The 3-SOL-X solution is adaptable to any environment with high solar availability. In the case of the Pacific Islands, the solution addresses energy, potable water and fuel scarcity issues by applying clean and self-sustaining technologies, contributing to environmental preservation and enhancing the living conditions of the inhabitants.

3-SOL-X Solar Rapa Nui case

3-SOL-X Exhibition Video

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